Getting Started with the Homiletics iPad App

The iPad app has become one of Homiletics most popular features.  The App gives the ‘magazine like’ feel that many of our customers have come to enjoy.  It also gives you mobility- it can go anywhere you go so that you can prepare your sermons any time, anywhere.

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How to access Homiletics from the app 
Navigating the Homiletics App Dashboard
Navigating the Issue Dashboard

How to access Homiletics from the app

First, go to the app store and download the free Homiletics app and then choose your access plan.  There are two ways to access Homiletics through the app.  

You can purchase a subscription to Homiletics Online ($69.99 for one year).  This will give you access to current installments on your iPad through our Homiletics app PLUS access to our website, which includes all back issues, commentary, worship resources, and children‘s sermons. You will have access to the website and app as long as your subscription is active.  Use the same username and password that was created for the website to access the iPad app. 

If you don’t need all the back issues, you can also purchase a subscription through the App store (1 issue for $6.99 or one year-6 issues-for $39.99).  Purchases through the app store are issue specific meaning that you will have access to those issues only, but you will own those issues permanently.  This level of access does not include access to the website.

Navigating the Homiletics App Dashboard

Touch the orange bar at the top of the screen to see the dashboard.

  •  Login fields-Enter your username and password that you set up for online access.  For iTunes members, your issues will automatically load.  
  • Feedback – tap this to open an email for correspondence with Homiletics customer service.  Type your question in the box under the subject line.  You will also see information about your device in the email.  This is technical information that helps our tech team isolate the issue.
  • Your issues- Tap the orange bar or the library books on the bar to see your issues.  First, long tap each individual issue to download it to your device then tap the issue that you want to open.   That issue will now be displayed on the main part of the iPad
  • Adjust the font size- Tap the letters on the orange bar to increase or decrease the font size.  Multiple taps will continue to increase/decrease the size.

Navigating the Issue Dashboard

Once you have chosen an issue, that issue’s installments will be displayed in the body of your screen.  Click on a title of the installments and the issue dashboard will be displayed in the orange banner. Tap on each button to go directly to that spot within that installment.

  • Table of Contents- Tapping on this will bring you to the back and forth from the main page (displaying the installments) to the table of contents for a specific installment.
  • Bringing Text to Life
  • Animating Illustrations
  • Commentary
  • Children’s Sermons
  • Worship Resources

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