Information about the Homiletics iPad App

As of August 2019, the Homiletics App for iPad has been discontinued and will no longer receive new issues, updates or fixes for the App.

The App has been removed from the iTunes (Apple) Store, and they have discontinued support of it as well.

If you have an iTunes subscription, you will receive a refund from Apple. If you have an account via Homiletics Online, you will now access all Homiletics Online content through our website and no longer through the App.

However, you can use your iPad device to access the website.

Simply open the Safari browser on your iPad and visit Enter your account username and password to enter the site.

Note, when reviewing the articles on your iPad, you may find an easier reading experience to view this page in "Reader Mode".  You can do this if you are using the Safari on your iPad device, then click on the "Reader" icon as shown in the screenshot below.

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