Finding Sermon Resources on the Website

In this article, we will dig deeper into the resources you'll find with

  1. Sermon Treatments
  2. Current and Back Issues

Sermon Treatments

After locating a Sermon Treatment, click the Read More link to view the additional content.

On the left side of each Sermon Treatment page you'll see:

  • Bring the Text to Life which is the sermon starter article. 
  • The Other Texts for other scriptures for this date in the Revised Common Lectionary.
  • Worship Resources (Calls to Worship, Prayers, Benedictions, etc.)
  • Music Links with guides to appropriate hymns and praise and worship music.
  • Lectionary Texts for links to all of the Revised Common Lectionary texts for that particular Sunday.

On the right side of each Sermon Treatment page, you'll find more resources for the article such as:

  • At a Glance is a brief summary of the sermon article.
  • Powerpoint slides that include a title slide and several additional content slide designs. 
  • Alternate Readings for Today showing previously published Sermon Treatments our editors have specially picked as an alternate option. 
  • Related Titles for Scripture provide additional Sermon Treatments that are based on the same Scripture with link-outs to those treatments.
  • Related Titles for Topic provides Sermon Treatments based on the same topic with link-outs to those treatments.
  • Commentary - provides a more in-depth background for your sermon preparation.
  • Animating Illustrations - additional insights that dovetail with your preaching point.
  • Children's Sermon - a corresponding children's sermon.

There is a lot of information to review with each Sermon Treatment. If you wish for a cleaner, reader view, our document Print and Reader View will show you how you can view the screen with fewer distractions, which is perfect for reading on a tablet device.

Current and Back Issues

Issues are bi-monthly and contain the Sermon Treatments, and all the material listed above that goes with it. To see and read a complete bi-monthly issue, click the Issues link at the top of any page on the website. From here you can find a Sermon Treatment for a specific date. If you click on the Sermon Treatment title you will go directly to that Sermon Treatment. 

You can view and read an entire issue by clicking the Read Issue link or the issue image. Here you will see all the Sermon Treatments included in that issue on one page. Click the Reader View link for a cleaner, reader-friendly page. Click the Turn Off Reader View if you want to go back to search. 

Use the Table of Contents button to jump to a particular Sermon Treatment within that issue.

Bi-monthly Issues are listed chronologically. If there is a particular issue you wish to read, you can find previous years by clicking the  Other Years dropdown menu. 

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