Getting Started: A Quick Guide to Homiletics Online

Homiletics Online is an easy tool that allows you to read and search through sermon prep material with ease. Using the search features, you'll be able to search for content not only for this week but our entire library's worth of articles, commentary, illustrations, children's sermons and more!

Watch this 1 minute 30 second video wish gives a brief overview of how to navigate our site for the first time.

Note: As of August 2019, we no longer provide or support the free iPad Reader App. For more information, please click here.

In this Article

Viewing this week's Installment
Viewing and Downloading Entire Issues
Searching Articles by Keyword, Scripture, Date or Topic
Searching Resources

Viewing the Article of the Week

Each week, we feature the material that compliments the readings for the upcoming Sunday. Clicking on the Read More...takes you to the full text and it's corresponding commentary. 

You can also download the current week's PowerPoint that features directly from the Home Page.

Once in the article, there are a few things to point out.  If you are viewing the article on your iPad, you may find an easier reading experience to view this page in "Reader Mode".  You can do this if you are using Safari on your device, then click on the "Reader" icon.

Each article is set up in the same layout.  The main article will be on the left with quick links to topics, Commentary, Animating Illustrations and the Children's Sermon along the right of the article.  

At the very bottom of the article, you will also find additional Worship Resources such as Calls to Worship, Prayers, Suggested Hymns and Songs, and Lectionary Text links.

Viewing and Downloading Entire Issues

If you wish to view this month's entire issue, you can do so on the Home Page, and then clicking on the link on the bottom right-hand side of the page, under the cover issue image.  

If you wish to download the entire issue for offline reading, you will be able to do so by opening any article in the issue and scrolling down to the bottom of the page above the Worship Resources to download a Word Document of the articles.  To learn more about that, check out our Help Article: Downloading the Current Issue from the website.

Searching Articles by Keyword, Scripture, Date or Topic

Use the Find Articles section to search for our Bringing the Text to Life content by Keyword, Scripture, Year or Topic. 

You can search for Keywords such as Advent, Easter, Faith or Hope.  If Keyword search does not seem to be bringing back the results you want, be sure to try searching by Topic instead by clicking on the complete Topic List.

Our Scripture Seach allows you to choose a book of the Bible, then select Go, and the search will result in all articles that have been entered to preach on that Book.  It will then display the specific passage next to the article.

Searching by year will bring back articles from that year in order of weeks.

Searching Resources

Use the Find Resources to search for a specific piece of content, such as the Commentary, Animating Illustrations, and Children's Sermons.

The Worship Resource library includes Affirmations of Faith, Benedictions, Calls to Worship and Litanies.  These Worship Resources are broken down by topic, so if you are looking for a Prayer to fit a particular topic, we recommend finding an article on that topic, then scrolling down to the Worship Resource section to narrow down your choices.

Commentary, Illustrations and Children's Sermons are all searchable by Keyword Search.  

We hope you will find Homiletics Online will become an invaluable jumping point to create your own, powerful sermons week to week. 

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