Getting Started: A Quick Guide to Homiletics Online

Homiletics Online is an easy tool that allows you to read and search through sermon prep material with ease. Some key parts to consider when viewing the main page are:

1. The Installment of the Week

Each week, we feature the material that compliments the readings for the upcoming Sunday. Clicking on the Read More...takes you to the full text and it's corresponding commentary. 

Note: if you'd like to see all of the installments for the current two-month period, you may find those on the lower right of the screen.

2. Finding Material

Use the Find Articles section to search for our Bringing the Text to Life content by Keyword, Scripture, Year or Topic.

Use the Find Resources to search for a specific piece of content, such as the Commentary, Animating Illustrations and Children's Sermons.

3. The Back Page and Senior Writer's Block

Every so often you'll find a personal piece written by our Senior Editor and Senior Writer. Click on the links to go to our blog to read the current The Back Page (a throwback to when we were a printed magazine and literally had a back page) and Senior's Writer's Block. You'll also find a lot of back posts if you're so inclined.

You may also find this 1 minute 30 second video helpful as you navigate our site for the first time.

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