Downloading the Current Issue from the website

Are you looking for an offline version of the entire issue for when you don't have internet access?  

There are 2 ways you can download installments from the website:

  1. Download the ZIP file with the entire issue as Word Documents (recommended)
  2. "Print" each installment as a PDF

Downloading Issue ZIP files

To download the entire issue as a ZIP file, choose any installment from the issue.

Once you are viewing an installment, scroll down to the Sources section of the article. 

Click on the link to download the ZIP file.

Note: This feature is only available beginning with the Sept-Oct 2018 issue.  Previous issues may not have a download link provided. 

"Printing" installments as PDFs

If you wish to create a PDF version of the installment for offline reading, click on the links for Printer Friendly formats.  

If your printer has the option, under Printer choose the Print to PDF option.  This will "print" the installment as a PDF document.  Please keep in mind, this feature may not be available for everyone and you will have to do this for each individual installment.

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