Downloading the Current Issue from the website

Are you looking for an offline version of an entire issue for when you don't have access to the internet? Below are two ways to review the issue material to take it on the go with you.

In this article:

  1. Download the ZIP file with the entire issue as Word Documents (recommended)
  2. Use the Reader View or Print View

1. Download the Zip File with the entire issue

To download the entire issue as a ZIP file that contains all materials in Word format, choose any Sermon Treatment from that particular issue. 

Once you are viewing the sermon treatment on your screen, scroll down to the end of the text, before "Worship Resources".

Click on the link located at the end of the Sermon Treatment to download the ZIP file. The zip file will download to your computer. The location of the downloaded zip file will depend on your computer's settings. To open the downloaded zip file, double-click the file to open the contents of the folder and view the Word documents.

Note: This feature is only available beginning with the Sept-Oct 2018 issue.  Previous issues may not have a download link provided. 

2. Use the Reader View or Print View

If you wish for a more reader-friendly version of the content or wish to print sermon treatments or other materials, our helpful document Print and Reader View provides more details on how to access these formats. Keep in mind, you can use the Print option to save the content as a PDF using your printer settings.

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